Pitt Baseball Clinic

Pitt Baseball Clinic

Pitt Baseball Clinic is a unique complex that provides professional medical support for sports and competitive activities.

The team of specialists includes a chiropractor, a neurologist, a physiotherapist, a psychotherapist, an instructor in physiotherapy exercises, a nutritionist, a speech therapist and other doctors of related specialties. The completeness and unity of the entire cycle of athletes’ activity is provided by recruiting highly-skilled experts to Pitt Baseball Clinic.

  • comprehensive assessment of the health status of athletes. Admission to sports;
  • control over the functional state of athletes, including in the process of training and competitive activities;
  • medical and sports rehabilitation in order to restore fitness after stress, injuries and diseases;
  • ensuring the growth of efficiency and the possibility of achieving higher fitness with a view to minimizing the risks of overtraining and injuries.

We have a unique, innovative diagnostic and treatment equipment, which allows for more accurate objectification of the diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation data.

High-tech equipment and innovative techniques ensure the efficiency of the services provided, objectivity and accuracy of diagnostics, reduction of the time for rehabilitation activities, the balance between achieving the highest fitness level and the danger of overstressing body systems until the occurrence of pathological phenomena caused by a large load.

Who addresses Pitt Baseball Clinic?

  • Patients after injuries of the limbs (fractures, contractures, early postoperative period, muscle pathology);
  • Patients with the pathology of the vestibular apparatus (whiplash injuries, stroke, vertebral pathology);
  • Patients with problems in the foot (flat feet);
  • Patients with lesions of the central and peripheral nervous system (cerebral palsy, polytrauma);
  • Professional athletes and amateurs (diagnostics, testing)

Our directions

  • Children’s sport;
  • Dynamic medical monitoring;
  • Medical and sportive rehabilitation;
  • Medical consulting my canadianpharmacy;
  • Assessment of the current state of health.

Why choose Pitt Baseball Clinic?

  • An individual approach that takes into account both the physiological and psychological characteristics of the patient, as well as sports specialization;
  • Complexity and consistency in recruiting methods of diagnosis and rehabilitation;
  • Continuity in treatment and previous examinations;
  • Active interaction with doctors and coaches of sports teams.

The professionalism of the team of our specialists ensures the positive result on the basis of an individual approach to each patient.

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