Baseball Equipment

In order to play baseball, you will need baseball equipment. Mandatory equipment includes 9 gloves (one for each fielder), one ball and one bat. Some protective equipment is also required for the batter and equipment

Necessary Equipment for Baseball

Ball. Official baseballs are made by tightly wrapping with fibers of a rubber ball, which is then wrapped in cow or horse leather and, having pulled it tight, sew the edges together. The ball looks like a sphere with a diameter of 7.3 cm with a circumference of approximately 23 cm. The mass of the ball is 149 g.

Bat. The bat is made from a single piece of wood, usually ash. Its thickest part is called the “barrel”. The bit has a diameter of 2.75 inches (7 cm) and does not exceed 42 inches (107 cm) in length. The manufacturer engraves his logo on wooden bats in such a way that the player can see which side uses to beat, and which side is better not to use. Otherwise, due to the location of the wood fibers, it is highly likely that the bat will be broken upon impact. If the logo is turned in your direction, you hold the bat correctly.

The helmet for the batter. The helmet protects the baseball player from accidentally hitting the ball in the head. Some pitchers throw the ball at a speed of about 100 miles per hour, so the player must always wear a helmet to prevent serious head injuries.

Batter gloves. Such gloves are not a necessary element of equipment, but many batter hitters wear them while playing a bat. Playing without gloves can wipe your skin and cause calluses. Some players wear gloves while running through the bases to protect their palms when sliding on the ground.

Fielder glove. The structure of the glove may vary depending on the player’s position but in all variations, it is made of leather and has a grid
pocket between the thumb and index finger, so that a gloved hand looks like a small basket.

Catcher glove. This glove has a more advanced design than the fielder glove. It allows the player to securely fix the ball and less injure the hand since the catcher has the most caught balls per game.

Spikes. All baseball players wear a special type of shoe – spikes, which are sports shoes with a few spikes on the sole.

Equipment for the catcher. Catcher is a “target” for a pitcher, so he must play with special protection covering most of his body. The protective equipment of the catcher consists of a mask, very similar to the hockey goalkeeper’s mask, chest protector, elements that protect the lower legs (shin guards), and a special thickened glove. Some catchers also wear knee pads, shin guards attached to the ankles protecting the knees.