clinicPitt Baseball Clinic is built on 13 acres at the peak of Pitt’s upper campus, and provides homes for the baseball, softball and soccer teams. The clinic is located in a picturesque forest, on the bank of a small river. This is a modern building with all the necessary amenities, landscaped area, developed infrastructure.

The purest air will allow to have a rest from city smog, and the smell of trees, flowers and forest herbs will contribute to peace and tranquility.

Participants will reside in comfortable 2-bed rooms with private facilities: shower, sink, toilet.

Each room is equipped with air conditioning and all necessary furniture. Each bedroom building has a storage room for suitcases, as well as a separate room equipped with a washing machine, drying cabinets and an ironing board with an iron.

The camp provides 6-time complex meals made of fresh and high-quality products. The building and the area have around-the-clock video surveillance and security posts.

The medical center is located in a separate building, where a medical worker is on duty around the clock. It is equipped with a doctor’s office, an examination room, several wards.

We also have a hall for shows and discos.

Fresh air, comfortable living conditions and a friendly atmosphere in a clinic will make it a favorite place for recreation and creativity! All year-round guests will enjoy active recreation and entertainment, sports, games, participation in clubs and much more.