Players of Baseball Training Game

Baseball is a team sport that is played on a special field with a bat and a ball. The game is divided into several sets, which are known as innings. Each pitch consists of two parts either overarm or underarm, during which, the teams are divided into attacking and defending. Points are scored by beating the twisted ball with the help of a bat, after which you must run through the bases and return to the starting position. If defenders manage to catch the ball before the runner finishes the cycle over all the bases, the runner will be out of the game. After 3 outs, the teams switch places as explained by Pittsburgh baseball camp.Players of Baseball Training Game

The roles of the players

Each team consists of 25 players as Pitt baseball team has, but only 9 players can be on the field at any single point in time, each in their own defensive position. During the attack, respectively, the players alternately beat the balls. Once the ball is hit, the player runs through all the bases counterclockwise to complete the circle and score points. The team of defenders is trying to catch the ball and touch the opponent who hit the ball.

Positions of basemen:

  • Pitcher throws the ball to the batsman. The ball must be thrown at a certain level and in the direction of the home base in order for the pitch to be scored. The task of a good pitcher is to throw the ball so that it becomes difficult for the opponent to beat it.
  • Catcher crouches behind the home base, dressed in safety equipment having a baseball glove to catch an unattacked ball. A catcher can also pick up the ball and send it to the game if the ball has fallen nearby.
  • First baseman. He should be very good at catching balls. If the first baseman caught the ball, it will be almost impossible for the opponent to avoid touching.
  • Second baseman. In addition to touching the opponent, he also catches the balls, not allowing them to roll out of the inner field.
  • The shortstop (the player between second and third base) returns balls to help players. This is the most active position, as people who hold a bat in their right hand most often beat the ball in the direction of this player.
  • Third baseman. He must be able to quickly pass the ball in the direction of the first base through the infield. The third baseman should have a powerful pitch. It is explained by the fact that many right-handed players send the ball straight to third base.
  • There are 3 players on the outer pitch – on the left, in the center and on the right. They must catch high balls that have flown away over a long distance, otherwise, the opponent will simply have to run through the bases to get scores.

All basemen are allowed to use large leather gloves to help catch the ball. Catcher glove is bigger and thicker. Moreover, there is a constant recruiting of players. Every player should be in a perfect physical state. Pitt constantly recruits players to arrange a balanced baseball team.

The role of a baseball umpire

The umpire is a player on the field who is not a member of any team and should be impartial. He must follow the game and announce the results after each inning. Usually, there are several umpires on the field: at the home base and at each of the other bases. In some cases, there are also 2 umpires in the outfield. The home base umpire usually announces the game start.

Attacking an umpire or deliberately touching entails severe punishment, so avoid it at all costs. It doesn’t matter if you agree or not, the decision of the umpire is final.