Privacy Policy

Pitt Baseball Clinics guarantee the non-disclosure of personal information transmitted by the user and also undertakes to ensure its safe storage – protection from accidental or intentional unauthorized access and warning of possible risks of copying, distribution, blocking, alteration, damage, loss or destruction of data.

What are personal data?

The subject of this privacy policy is any personal information required to enable the user to provide services, which he reports during the registration process. These data primarily include: user name, email address (e-mail), contact phone.

In addition, the data that the site automatically receives when a user visits its pages is also protected: access time, operating system data, IP address, purchase history, information from cookies, addresses of visited pages.

During processing, Pitt Baseball Clinics have the right to perform the following actions with personal data: collect, record, organize, accumulate, store, refine, retrieve, use, transfer in order to study user needs and improve the quality of our services, de-personalize, block, delete, destroy.

What is personal information requested for?

Client’s personal data can be used for:

  • Identification of the user and entering into an agreement with an organization;
  • Providing access to personalized information on the site;
  • Feedback, e-mail newsletters or notifications via messenger in matters related to the use of the services, providing (with the consent of the user) information on any Pitt Baseball updates;
  • Sending you information about events and news of our site
  • Providing technical or customer support to the user (if necessary);
  • Implementation (with the consent of the user) promotional activities.

If you wish to stop receiving our newsletters, you can opt out of receiving them by following the instructions contained in each of the newsletters.

Who can we share your personal information with?

We carefully protect user data, does not sell it and does not transfer it to third parties.

When can personal information be disclosed?

Data transfer to third parties is carried out on the basis of the US legislation or with the consent of the subject of personal data. In addition, disclosure of such information may be made to protect the rights and property of Pitt Baseball Clinics, as well as to ensure the personal safety of employees.


All information presented on the website is informational and is not a public offer under any circumstances.

All materials posted on are the property of the site owners. Copying any information may result in criminal prosecution.

Where can I get information?

For any additional information or resolution of disputes, the site user can contact

Pitt Baseball Clinics reserve the right to change the existing site privacy policy at its own discretion.