Pitt Baseball Clinic has made up a list of FAQs about baseball for you to better understand this game:

  • The outfield is the area of the field of play further from the batsman or batter than the infield;
  • The base is a square with a side of 37.5 cm attached to the field. In total, there are four bases, three of which are squares, and the fourth is a home. Runner brings a point to the team if he runs across the field, alternately touching all three bases in the strict sequence, and reaches home (fourth base);
  • Ball is a penalty point, obtained by the pitcher, who threw the ball past the strike zone (without batter making a swing). With four balls, the batter automatically becomes a runner and can take first base;
  • The bat is a smooth, rounded stick (wooden or metal) not more than 105 cm long with a thickening, the diameter in the thickened part is not more than 6.8 cm;
  • A batter is a member of the team who beats the ball thrown by the pitcher within the lateral boundaries of the ground, alternates all three bases and returns to the starting position to the home;
  • The home is the main base; location of one of the judges and the batter. It is a pentagonal rubber bleached slab of 900 square meters. cm;
  • The inning is a game period in which three baseball players drop out of each of the teams; in the case of a tie, additional innings are appointed. If at the end of the seventh inning, one of the teams wins 10 points, the game stops and a knockout victory is declared;
  • The infield is an internal field (square with sides equal to 27 m 45 cm);
  • The catcher is the player of the defense, receiving the ball, batted off by the batter after the pitcher’s throw;
  • A baseball ball is a spherical shape of cork or rubber, weight from 141.5 to 148.5 g, circumference from 22.5 to 23.1 cm;
  • The pitcher is a player defending the team, throwing the ball;
  • Home plate is the final base that a player must touch to score;
  • A runner is a player moving from base to base; he drops out of the game if he is out of the base and is touched with a hand or ball trap by a player of the defending team, also in the case of the defensive team catching the ball in the air by the batter;
  • Rolling is the name of the strike in which the ball rolls on the ground;
  • The strike is a penalty point, received by the batter, who missed the ball or did not hit on it. With three strikes, the batter goes off;
  • Fly ball is a ball in flight;
  • A home run is a hit by a batter, after which the ball flies over the far edge of the field without touching the ground; as a result of such a strike, the batter and all the players of the attacking team (who were at the moment at the bases) bring points;
  • Short stop is a player located between the second and third base.